Saturday, November 24, 2007

A vizsla looks good in PINK

Wahaaaay. She's gone to bed. And forgotten about parental controls.

PINK!! What do you think??

Do you like our new clothes?? They are very exclusive designer labels. "George" and "Cherokee" Mum says that these are famous Paris and Milan fashion houses.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Yes. The Glorious 12th. Of November. The start of the haggis season. It lasts only 2 weeks. H. vulgaris are now on the endangered species register and are incredibly rare. The season has to be very limited. The taste of genuine wild haggis is not to be compared with that of the disgusting things in butchers shops. (Artificial. Sheeps stomachs membranes. Stuffed with offal/oatmeal/spices. A travesty.)

Redgirls have to brag and share. Today we caught a real one. They are so FAST. We've never hunted so well. This is definitely our ultimate achievement. Our mum is really proud of us.


Evil eye(they are actually quite scary)


In traditional dress

Our haggis will now hang to mature until the 25thJanuary. Here is our very favourite video clip of a Burns Night Supper. Ooo. Naughty boy!

All of the biggest landed estates in Scotland are clamouring for our haggis. We'll probably choose Balmoral. We like the sound of The Honourable Redgirls MBE.