Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rest in Peace Darling Radio

Yesterday Radio died. He was only 3 years old. Radio was everything that is good and brave and humbling about our most beautiful breed.

Radio had polymyositis and other immune mediated problems too. Throughout his short life he was an inspiration to all who were privileged enough to meet him whether in person (such a loving, cheerful and talented boy) or through his blog. He brought laughs and joy to very many people across the global vizsla community and he will always be so fondly remembered and cherished. His contribution to raising awareness about myositis in vizslas is immeasurable.

Our thoughts are with Andrea and Lasse. We do not think that there could possibly have been more devoted owners.

Redgirls and Di loved Radio very much indeed. Blogworld will feel empty without him.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A DREAM Holiday !!!!

Well. We don't usually post twice in one week but the most exciting thing EVER has just happened. And we have to thank that queen of urban cool - the very pretty little Mz Brisztow Jones.

We are still pinching ourselves but our pal organised a dream holiday .. to NYC .. with everything more wonderful than ever we could have imagined. We are still too busy shopping and partying to go to an internet cafe but pretty Mz Brizstow asked her staff to post some pictures of us having just the most amazing time.

*** Here *** they are. Definitely our best shots ever. How lucky are we redgirls to have just such a lovely friend? We hope one day return the favour. Thank you, thank you Brisztow. Hugs and urban MWAHS!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Town versus Country

Redgirls have been banging on about this for EVER and you all know how desperate we are to escape from this hell hole on earth. Every day we check out the blogs of all our down south friends and that of the queen of cool pretty Mz Brizstow Jones and we know that we are missing out big time! And now we see that the topic Town/Country is on the Discussion Group.

WELL! Hold us back!

To tell it from the beginning.

This is why our mum loves Scotland. She calls it peace, space and tranquillity.

And this is why redgirls HATE Scotland. We call it bloody boring.

No shops. No parks. No Parties. No chums (well .. apart from disgusting gross stinky labradors and annoying terriers. And things called hounds) No buses. No social life. No McDonalds wrappers. No tubes. No viz whizzes. No canals. No cats in gardens.

Redgirls have urban ambitions. We know what we want.

Mum had an idea today. She wanted to do something on an Isadora Duncan theme. She wanted us to get behind the wheel with our Bugatti gear.

Well. Crap timing. Co-operation? No way! Does she not *get* how pissed off we are?

Oh. Please. God. If you are good? Maybe don't show our urban blogworld chums this pic ???