Saturday, March 31, 2007

No Babies After All ...

well .. no.. it was a bit of a false alarm. Am feeling embarassed. I just so love cuddling up with puppies !!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A redgirl is listening for the patter of tiny paws!!

Senior redgirl here. Answering to Fattie Hattie at the moment. Yes. I am CERTAIN that my babies will be here soon. Very soon. Probably tonight. I am frantically reorganising the nursery. Unlike my stick insect housemate I have always been rather proud of my womanly curves but now .. well .. I am blooming! Laydee boobs at the ready !! I do hope that I have some girl babies .. I am dreaming of pink accessories - collars and bedding obviously but I've looked in the catalogues and have my eye on some really dinky fleeces too.

I heard mum on the phone twittering on about a "phantom pregnancy" ?? anyone heard of ?? Anyway forget her. MY hormones know for sure what is going on. Hmmm. I do have to say that I cannot precisely recall (shy cough) a "wedding ceremony" but I guess that could easily be the kind of thing that a busy working girl would most likely forget about ?

Anyway back to sorting out my birthing arrangements.

Friday, March 23, 2007


We are sooo unhappy.

Our hero. Radio. Is going out with another woman.

Yesterday. Doberlady (a black/tan BITCH?)

Radio went to Knightsbridge. To Harvey Nichols. A stones throw from Harrods.

And sent us the pictures.

Too cruel.

Friday, March 16, 2007

This Vizsla Redgirl wants to be a zero dress size

Yes. Younger redgirl Berta here (do HATE that blokey name. WHY did she not call me fifi or mitzi or paris or something else girlie). Anyway I have ALWAYS been health conscious. Obviously I don't do the "diet" word (too much bad press). But I HATE fat. So. I am quite a "selective" about food. NO CARBS!! And as little otherwise as I can get away with. Well. BC (before crufts) she got so uptight about what she calls my "toast rack" look that she pulled out all the stops. Whole chickens. Lamb. Stuff in the freezer that had been there for a while. Pheasant. Salmon. Pork pies. Sausages. Sometimes I capitulated. (But I always spotted and rejected the sneaky carbs like rice or pasta or even potatoes .. yuk) And despite myself I put on a pound or two.

Now. Why I am here. Is there a forum for abused vizslas? I can hardly bear to talk about it.

For the past couple of days she has slapped down odious things (eg tripe ???!!) and said (wait for it) "like it or lump it" Well of course I just shan't eat. And soon I will be a tiny zero dress size.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Redgirls need time to think

Here we are. Back in Scotland. Crufts a week ago.
Feeling pensive.

Town / Country ?? Town / Country ??

A life changing moment. Well. Do YOU see any shops ??

Taking bearings on nearest Harvey Nicks. Edinburgh?? Leeds ??

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vizsla Redgirls do Crufts

We have just done the best thing ever. We went abroad to a place called Crufts. It was sooo exciting. We nearly BURST.
For a while we had guessed that something mighty strange was going on. We were being cossetted and pampered. Encouraged to take a pride in our appearance (yippee .. about time too). Special food. Extra rations. Supplements. A pedicure. A session with the dental hygienist. Much brushing and polishing. A night in a hotel where we both slept like logs on top of humum.

And suddenly we were there. And yes oh yes we always KNEW that we were cut out for city life. Hustle and bustle. Crowds. Things to do, places to go, people to see.


There was a tedious bit in the middle where we all had to stand still. And then we had to run around and it wasn't a game or anything and there weren't any pheasants. Very odd. Another strange thing was that some extremely attractive vizslas seemed very pleased to be getting things called "rosettes" but they were rubbish colours so we were very relieved not to be offered one.

Anyway thankfully once that bit was over it was back to the meeting and greeting, seeing and being seen. There were some VERY handsome boys there. Redgirls spotted them straight away !! And flirted like mad when we got the chance. We are pretty sure that we turned a few heads. As ever Redgirls dream of eloping to more civilised parts of the world.

We desperately wanted to show you some pics of us looking our best. Where WERE the paparazzi ?? For once they might just have been a tiny bit useful. Up here they dog our every footstep.

Well anyway. There WERE some family album pics (you will spot us .. we are the two particularly pretty ones)

We do have lots of other things to tell you. One day soon.