Monday, December 10, 2007

Vizsla Girls in Vogue

Yes. Redgirls are in that place called season. Both of us. We have come over all very peculiar and for the past 10 days can only think of boys. We are off our food. We bark and whine during the night. Mum seems irritated with us and we do not understand why.

The only good thing is that we have found a new game. And the brilliant thing is that you can play it anywhere.
In the House.

In the Garden.

Sometimes even on walks we break off from hunting to have a quick play!
Mum DOES seem annoyed. We heard her talking darkly of the "knife".
Whatever can she mean??


Charlie said...

Ooh be careful of that knife thingy. I heard my mum talking to the vet about something called 'neutering' yesterday. Fortunately the vet seemed to say I was fine as I was. Close one.

Rocket said...

Be careful, I had to get put out to have an absses lanced (I stuck myself with a thorn out in the field and it got infected). I woke up with the absses fixed, my duclaws fixed and my nuts missing! I still can't find them.

Andrew Campbell said...

After he decided to open mum's wallet and chomp on her two credit cards today, Jozsi came rather close to having parts of his junk removed too.

Not sure if he'd be any smarter without his boy-bits... so maybe he'll get to keep them for a while.

Stay cool, girls!

Radio said...

oh redladies.....bertie and hattie, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rufus said...

Oooh, I've just discovered that game too. I play it with my girlfriend Louby Lou and my mum also seems to get cross when I play it. I also played it with mum's friend's leg the other day when she had people round for dinner. She had these lovely woolen trousers on that for some reason made me want to play that game.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that was meant to be a game. Pesto used to do it to me and I was just all confuzzled. I will never have the pleasure of just boys on my mind - the knife got me when I was two :( boo hoo.

Never mind it just means that I never have to stop walking for the 3 weeks I used to every 6months - no early mornings or late night wanders.

Hope your out of season soon.

Dexter said...

Well can you believe it! Mum leaves the country, we have no computer access and BOTH red girls come into season :-(

andronja said...

the girls at andronja are also in tha dark place called season, they use it to train for their wold record breaking attempt....the longest congo!
They wondered if red girls would like to join them, apparently it's really good for hips and thighs!
wiz-bomb viz, squiggy, rommie and patsy pointers, lol.