Friday, February 15, 2008

A DREAM Holiday !!!!

Well. We don't usually post twice in one week but the most exciting thing EVER has just happened. And we have to thank that queen of urban cool - the very pretty little Mz Brisztow Jones.

We are still pinching ourselves but our pal organised a dream holiday .. to NYC .. with everything more wonderful than ever we could have imagined. We are still too busy shopping and partying to go to an internet cafe but pretty Mz Brizstow asked her staff to post some pictures of us having just the most amazing time.

*** Here *** they are. Definitely our best shots ever. How lucky are we redgirls to have just such a lovely friend? We hope one day return the favour. Thank you, thank you Brisztow. Hugs and urban MWAHS!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow looks like you had a brilliant time!

Rio Rocket said...

Mz Briztow is the best hostess. I hope to get to the big apple some day to meet her.

Ditto said...

New York... shops... Can I come too next time? A girly shopping trip :-)

Might try to sneak off without Dexter, much as I love him he really isnt into shopping the same as us girlies.... unless of course he is "shopping" for rabbits!

Charlie said...

Well although shopping is a bit snore-making even I have to admit being jealous of your trip. How fabulous! Mind you - flying is just unnatural.