Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rest in Peace Darling Radio

Yesterday Radio died. He was only 3 years old. Radio was everything that is good and brave and humbling about our most beautiful breed.

Radio had polymyositis and other immune mediated problems too. Throughout his short life he was an inspiration to all who were privileged enough to meet him whether in person (such a loving, cheerful and talented boy) or through his blog. He brought laughs and joy to very many people across the global vizsla community and he will always be so fondly remembered and cherished. His contribution to raising awareness about myositis in vizslas is immeasurable.

Our thoughts are with Andrea and Lasse. We do not think that there could possibly have been more devoted owners.

Redgirls and Di loved Radio very much indeed. Blogworld will feel empty without him.


Andrew Campbell said...

God bless you, Radio. We never met, but it's always sad when one of our golden relatives passes on -- and passes on earlier than they should. There's a beautiful dog statue at the monastery shrine here in Ulaan Baatar -- and we'll be sure to say prayers for you.

Best wishes to the Redgirls, too. As much as we're loving our trip, it'll be great to get home and hug our golden boys again.

best wishes

radio said...

thank you Di for all your support and for all the awareness you raised. really. much much love!

Rio Rocket said...

What lovely and memorable pictures. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about Radio. We're currently trying to figure out what's going on with our 9-year-old vizsla, Tucker. Everyone thinks it's an autoimmune condition but nobody has been able to pin it down yet. I don't think it's this disorder as he only has some of the symptoms described (I pulled his bloodwork and his CK was smack in the normal range). Anyway, thank you for the informative post and the links.

Brisztow Jones said...

i am very, very sad to hear this news.

brisztow jones.

Anonymous said...

How sad, it's always a sad thing to lose a beloved pet. Please accept my condolances on your loss. :-(

radio said...

oh Di,

today we received an insurance repay (we paid for a year in advance and only used up three months) for radio....umpf. hit us again.

redgirls-in-scotland said...

..and has just hit me again too dear Andrea. It will be the reduction to a "financial equation" that hurts. Your Radio boy was indescribably special .. to you me .. and to countless others worldwide. His legacy will live on for ever and ever. Hug my dear little friend and to Lasse also. I know you want redgirls blog to move on. It will. Very soon. Much love


Anonymous said...

It hits me too every now and again. I really feel for you Andrea and Lasse. I really do. It must be so hard for these little reminders but he was so special that he will never be forgotten.

Sending big hugs to all of you
Anna xxx

pukációs mérce said...

always said to loose someone
especially if someone is as lovely as a vizsla
i am sure Radio had a great life with you !