Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's the point?

Caught in the Act! We actually made our mum edit these video clips. In the first one from point to flush took about 9 minutes. (Watching. Paint. Dry. Big. Yawn. Are words that spring to mind)

Here is one we prepared earlier!

Mind you we have always had the best mentors

Cleo(1991-2006) daughter Saffie(1995-2005) .. and little Hattie

Saffie age 9 and .... baby Hattie

Publish for now. Still looking for lovely old doglet pics.


radio said...

this is like synchronised swimming...! i love that they come right to you for a treat after!!!! i remembered Berta's climbing picture (where a certain amount of cheese just in the frame was the bribe!)

Charlie said...

Wow Redgirls you are looking very fit and long-legged. I approve. I have to say I don't really *do* the point thing. I prefer the 'mad rushing after things' thing. How did you learn to do it?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful points!

Hamish said...

Poetry in motion (or not as the case may be). Absolutely beautiful. I am so in love with Vizslak, I want to be a smelly old eccentric and live with ten of them and let them sleep on my bed.

I'm definitely sticking with the gundog training for Hamish. The Red Girls are an inspiration.

Andrew Campbell said...

RedGirls: you are so talented! I presume that nice piccy of someone with a bird in their mouth is an old picture. Aren't p(h)easants out of season? or do you lucky dogs get to train with ditch-chickens in the spring, too?

all the best

Rocket said...

I've never seen synchronized hunting. You girls are good as well as beautiful!

Rufus said...

Hi redgirls. My mum LOVES your video. No offense but I don't really see why. Playing musical statues in the woods looks pretty boring to me. However, mum was so impressed and told me 'they are proper dogs' that I may play it next time we go out. Second thoughts, if girls are that impressed by it I may play musical statues when I'm around the girl dogs I've taken to recently.

love rufus

redgirls-in-scotland said...

oh how redgirls love our bloggy pals and how you always seem to forgive us for our long absences. (Not OUR fault may we say!)

Dear andrea for the redgirls there is no treat greater than doing the job they were bred for. If they have found a bird and are on point then nothing in the world will distract them. They will be in thick cover. I cannot see them. I pip. I blast. I yell. I might as well not exist. I could waggle a POUND of cheese an inch from their nose and they will not be distracted.

Dear Charlie big mwahs our now very grown up mr handsome - yes never thought about it before but yes I guess we did *learn* from our elders and betters. It helps too to live in a birdy part of the world. Instincts kick in. Oh and BTW well done for spotting Berta's legginess. (as a boy you would)Actually it is what lets her down in the show ring. That and too much of a "tuck up" Berta says oi mum I am FIT!

dear dennis - aw thanks sweet little puppy boy (btw when are you going to learn to spell?)

dear Hamish - SWOON! (our mum wants to say that she is already a smelly old eccentric. Our mum is very embarassing)

dear Andrew Cambell - hello hello our expat pal. Truth to tell that retrieve pic was a week ago. Mr Fezz had been caught and almost garrotted in a rabbit snare. (Fact of life in the countryside) mr Fezz was warm still. But definitely very dead. To our pleasure mum decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss to get in a bit of retrieving practice. YES!

dear Rocket aw blush we've suddenly gone all coy and girlie

dear Rufus when you are out and about and meeting girls in Brighton the LAST thing they will be thinking about is playing musical statues. Urbanity. We dream of it all of the time.

Our mum wants to say that she's been meaning for ages to post a comment on your grandad's contribution. She loved it loved it. In other words. It made her laugh.

Anonymous said...

Loving the points. The retrieve is very impressive too. HAve to say I am not one to put anything but food in my mouth.
Zig x

Laila said...

I have never seen anything so beautiful before! I like to stalk pigeons and squirrels, but could never have the skill and grace that you do. How did you learn to do that? You are so gorgeous!
- Laila

Thanks for capturing that on film. I really enjoyed watching it - fantastic job!
- Laila's mom, Renee

Buster the Vizsla said...

My dear filles rouges,

Truly beautiful. Beyond words, really--as all best things are.

Ever admiringly yrs.,

Brisztow Jones said...

Wow. I am just flabbergasted at the choreography and syncopation of those moves. Mom says that is my weakest point --- honoring another dog's first scent. I just like to push everyone else aside and really mess it up for them.

Just beautiful.

Brisztow Jones