Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Natural Instincts

Yes. Our mum is wishing that our skills were not JUST so finely honed!

Early this morning we brought her some presents. 4 feral kittens! We gently put them on the lawn. Not a mark on them (we have very soft mouths)
Three of them were very cold. And dead.
One of them was very cold. But alive! Just.
And 12 hours later she still is alive! Mum and vet reckon she is 3 days old. Mum is syringe feeding. Hand reared kittens have to be fed every 2 hours. Mum says yikes!
We will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

So tiny! You're very dedicated, feeding the kitten every two hours. I hope she makes it.

Rocket said...

oh how precious! so sad about the other three. We will light a candle and say a prayer for the 4th kitty.

Radio said...

oh, hope it'll make it! you need to not only feed it every 2 hours but give it body contact - they die without it. so now i can imagine you with a little kitten under your jumper....Lasse did that with Jo, though she was already a few weeks older, but still needed it. ot maybe a redgirl volunteers?

fingers crossed - it is very young, but should it pull though you'll have an amazing cat.


Anonymous said...

So so cute. Hope you arn't too tired.

Redgirls finally have the kitten they have always wanted.

Charlie said...

Oooooh hope little ginger kitty is ok. The country may not have the shops but you do find the most exciting things. Poor other babies :-(

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Di here - aww everybody thanks a lot for good luck wishes. Really really appreciated. Little kitty redgirl did not make it. I feel really privileged to have spent a special 20 hours with her. Couldn't get her to poo or pee - lovely Hattie gave her a jolly good lick wash but to no avail.

Hey in her little life she was cherished.

Thanks again. Di

Andrew Campbell said...

Redgirls: again, your talents shine. And as your mum says, that little kitty's life, as short as it was, was filled with love -- which is as much as we could all want.

best wishes from us

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that the little one didn't make it. You gave her all the love that she could have wanted.

Best wishes

Rufus said...

What a proud and caring thing to do - sorry to hear she didn't make it.

Radio said...

oh Di, the kitten was far to young to have made it, and that she pulled through that long shows she was a little fighter with the best chance in having found you. really sad though.


Rocket said...

big sigh ... how short a life but her last memories were of nothing but love. Hats off to you caring/loving lasses for such galant effort.

Hamish said...

Oooops! Things move fast in Viz blogworld if you don't keep watch. What a sad ending to the story. I'm very impressed with the caring approach of the red girls though. Hamish found a dead squirrel recently but all he brought me was FLEAS !!!

Sorry you lost ginger cat, poor wee mite.

Laila said...

Poor little kittens.

Thanks for your kind comments. I love your blog too! You girls are beautiful!

Licks and wiggles,

Buster the Vizsla said...

My dear filles rouges,

Well done to bring the little ones home, a veritable Vizsla ambulance service. What with your rescuing and food-finding skills, I'd want you in my lifeboat.

Admiringly yrs.,