Thursday, July 03, 2008


Yes. Our pal Piper came to stay. We've known her since she was a wee baby girl.

Only a couple of little niggles. Piper is WAAAY too pretty for our liking (won her Yearling bitch class at Crufts this year) Also she is horribly o-b-e-d-i-e-n-t (won her Good Citizen class too) Piper does something called heeling. Off lead! Weird eh?

Senior Redgirl Hattie takes up the story.

Don't get me wrong. I LIKE Piper. She is fun. She likes the same games as we do (crocodile jaws especially) BUT (and it's a big one) she keeps trying to steal Berta. MY Berta! Well of course I'm having none of it. Here is a video showing me explaining my point of view. I had to be quite firm with my instructions and so you may wish to adjust your volume control. ( Piper is the one with the collar)

Yes. I had to keep re-asserting my status. And I learnt a new skill. Cocking my leg! I have to say I got a bit obsessed with it. Every single time that Piper ahemm peed well I just HAD to do another one on top of it. My goodness it took vigilance but I don't think I missed a single one.

So far I've only managed to lift my right leg. Are boys ambilegstrous?


Dexter said...

Why do women talk so much.. you remind me of Ditto in that video when she has a bee in her bonnet about something and keeps harping on about it! Looks like you were all having great fun though, and VERY impressed with the cocking of the leg Hattie. BTW I tend to cock the same leg also, but I do go one step further and generally cock my leg when doing my business also, and yes the same leg again.

Piper - you do look very pretty, oohh 3 redgirls together.. I wish you were closer!

Buster the Vizsla said...

My dear filles rouges,

Nothing like a menage-a-trois to spice things up. Looks like fabulous muddy fun, although you seem to have misplaced your librarian spectacles in the verdure.

I confess to ambilegsterity with a preference for the right. Excellent leg-cocking, Ms. Hat, a new hobby you can pursue ad infinitum.

Yrs. at a wistful distance,

Anonymous said...

That's very cute with the prancing and the barking and the carrying on! Our three always have to mark in the same spot, too. "Trixie was here ... no, Dennis was here ... no, Tucker was here ..."

Anonymous said...

Wife: "Okay, want to be in the forest with three vizslas now."

(watches more video)

Wife: "Want to move to Scotland. Want three dogs."
Me: "We could just move back to New York."
Wife: "Mmmm, does it snow in Scotland?"

Andrew Campbell said...

Redgirls: thank you for coming by to visit. You are so much more than rusty family saloons! We used to own an Austin Allegro estate... you girls are so much more exciting (and even if you don't like the O-word) so much more reliable than that car. Personally, I think you may be more like a matching pair of Mini Countrymen... petite, cute, and stylish but imminently practical.

with lots of love

Rez said...

I love the fast running and peeing game. I realy annoys Zala and I have to drink a lot to keep up with Fergus when we get into a peeing competition. It looks like you all had so much fun.

Dexter needs to stop with the takling winge (grumpy men!). Us viz chicks have a lot to say and need to say it loud and proud. You go girls.

Z xx

Rez said...

That word was 'talking' .... sorry

radio said...

we also think 3 are too many. there is place here in hackney for at least 1!!!!!!


Hamish said...

Hamish would really love to give the girls a lesson or two in ambilegstrous let lifting (yes, my boy swings both ways).

August 16-23rd Wasdale Head. Would be bliss if you could make it Andrea says you know a special place to walk to that we wouldn't find without you.

lots of love x

Anonymous said...

Great leg cocking. I also cock my leg and scent mark on Pesto's pee. I always use the right leg too.

Zig x

Charlie said...

Oooh october 19-25th in wasdale head too! I can teach you about ambilegstrousness as well! I also do the leg cocking for doing my business. I think I learnt it from Dexter - good tip Dexter!

Ditto said...

Well I wouldnt dream of cocking my leg, tut tut not at all ladylike!

Dexter is muttering in the background and totally disagrees, as he thinks its quite cool!

I have just read Charlie's comment and dont like the idea of Charlie meeting up with the red girls without me as he is "my" boyfriend and he might transfer his attention! My Mum could only do weekend, maybe travel Fri night/Sun afternoon, but she has been promising us a mini holiday and we wondered perhaps if it would be possible to arrange a meet up. Mum says she will talk to Charlie's mum and see what she thinks, and see if she knows of any doggie B&B's then we could have a Wasdale Head Viz Whiz.. what do you think?

Rez said...

Dont know if you've all been before, but my Mum was at the Wasdale Head hotel the other year with work. No phone reception (brilliant), no tv(fab), great food, busy bar, lovely smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast, very cold water though. You all have fun now.

R xx

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Oh our lovely blogworld chums thank you for staying in touch. We are having staffing problems again.

dear Uncle Dexter "Why do women talk so much" ( Strangely that is something that our mum's ex wondered about also) It is just something that we Laydeez DO. We like to discuss our FEELINGS. We like to do so at LENGTH.

Oh Professor comme toujours les mots justes! Un menage-a-trois! Bien sure! (we have changed our post title)Librarian specs. We have not yet found any to our liking. Still looking for something umm foxy. Maybe a bit of diamante. Something like that.

Oh girl pal Rez we are loving your rant to Uncle Dec - yes men are from Mars... Ziggi understands this too .. Rez it's time you updated your blog!

dear Andrew Campbell oh Blush we liked the petite and stylish bit but mini countryMEN ??? Oh. No. Sob.(We might have to discuss our FEELINGS about this)

dear Dennis tell your mum and dad that 3 IS the pefect number for a vizsla household(tho according to our mum at least one has to be sensible)Which is why, apparently, there are no immediate plans to increase our family. Also dear Dennis tell them Scotland is rubbish. Here in the south west it rarely snows. But.It is wet. And at the moment VERY wet.

dear hamish, ditto and charlie - Wasdale is out of this world. We posted about it when we went to visit Radio - our hero and best pal ever (we miss him)

See too what Rez says (tho no phone signals can be a bit tricky)

Well. We will all talk about possible meet ups. XXXXX

Brisztow Jones said...

Dearest Hattie!

I think you are just beautiful. And don't worry - remember all the young chicks become older hens so Piper will have her day, no worries.

And you look fab dahlin' I just hope you aren't into what mom called the "tox" (botox!!!).

And You were quite riht in explaining the pecking order to Miss Piper. One needs to know her place.

If I can ever convince mom to get on a plane (and take me with her) to Scotland I would wuff to go to your mud spa in the woods... Day of Beauty, here we come!

Brisztow Jones.