Friday, February 06, 2009

Absolutely Fabulous February

We LOVE this time of year! Mum is not so busy and is more properly attentive to our requirements. The shooting season has finished and lambing has not started so she is a lot less tedious about curtailing our ahemm *exuberance* when we are out and about. Run, run, run. Hunt, hunt, hunt. And - oh my - we sure are finding a lot of birds!

Here is a video clip of our prowess.

Mz Bert says I like to think that *my* technique is special but have to grudgingly admit that this point by my sister Bay puts me to shame. Classic eh?

Oh and another very excellent thing about this chilly weather is that we get to wear our designer gear.
Tired now (WHAT a strange feeling!)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been having a great time

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Red Girls!!!! Great to see you!

Vigo said...

redgirls!!!!! we thought you emigrated, or were on strike, or something....

Brisztow Jones said...

Yey! Very lovely girls!

I especially wuff the film of the honoring. Nicely done.

But watch out for Mr Andrew. So full of promises for hunting expeditions.... but nothing!


Brisztow Jones

Ditto said...

Hey I like your coat... our Mum still hasnt got round to buying coats for us.. we are so neglected we have to go out in the snow naked, so unfair!

Andrew Campbell said...

RedGirls... we apologize for the tardy comment... we have been busy and frankly, we weren't expecting another blog post so soon. (Your mind-control technique on your mother is clearly much more refined now.)

And that is a POINT! wooooo, Nelly. Very stylish. Maybe even more than the coats.