Monday, March 16, 2009

Vizslas at Crufts

Yey! Massive congratulations to the Quad shoot in Norfolk & to Auntie Tolly and our sisters Bay, Eszti and Ilka on winning the HUGE (23 entries) all breeds Gamekeepers working team class. Beating other HPRs and all those pesky retrievers and tiresome spaniels. Awesome.

Read all about their achievement here on the HVS site. Well done girls and for all being placed in your huge breed classes too. Proof (who needs it?) that we red people can be truly versatile. Beautiful as well clever.
Mz Bert is going to write to that Ronnie Irving chap to ask if next years Crufts can include a freestyle rabbit retrieve competition.

In the show classes we redgirls were in the ribbons too!

Mz Bert says for once budge up always headline hogging, attention seeking Mz Hat - my turn for the limelight - this is ME! 2nd place in mid limit. People say I move nicely. Blimey. They haven't seen me on the hills! Run, run, run.

Mz Hat is sulking. Pout! I got a rosette too - 3rd place in the biggest class of the day - 18 entries - but did anybody care enough to take a pic? No they did not! Sob. Am I losing my touch? Is it b'cuz I iz red?All I have is the paperwork.

Our boring old mum wants to say. For me it was just such a fab day. And the best bit by far was talking to so many lovely people about important things like health issues. And properly meeting folks who until then I had only spoken to in emails or on the phone. Lucy, Marcus, Jackie and as always Gillian and her special Spice - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so honest and open about your vizslas with polymyositis. Lucy your boy Alfie's contribution to the research is immeasurable. We are so happy that you have another red person with whom to share your life.

Albert !!! Our new hairy heart-throb. We would have liked to show you his blue rozzie. But he ate it!

Here is sweet puppy Albert. And his best pal Alfie.


Brisztow Jones said...

Perhaps, in addition to the rabbit retrieving, a Hagis Fetching contest, as well? I remember you both being super spectacular in that category!

Well done girls. I am glad to see you're keeping up the ribbons, photo ops or no.

Brisztow Jones.

redgirls-in-scotland said...

oh wow Mz Brisztow - a haggis class - well no one else would even qualify for it! So the ribbons would be ours for sure!Excellent suggestion.Glad to see that progesterone levels are not interfering with your usual intellectual superfunction ;-))

great big ginger hugs XXXX

Vigo said...

woow ho wooo - redgirls go!!! can't believe we mised you again this year - somehow we never manage to get to crufts (missing all the great bargains at the end, too). Albert is too cute. Alfie, gosh, hope that the research will find something soon, so this horrid disease can be forgotten. It is weird having a really super healthy dog now, Vigo can eat as she likes, run like she likes, and no problem whatsoever. lots of love Di, and maybe you find someone who took a pic of Bert coming 3rd in a huge class of 18!!!! there MUST be one!

Hamish said...

Hello Girls, just wanted to say how very, very Gorgeous you all look (mum included of course).

My heart swells when I think of you and your kind hearts. We all wish for the day we will see you again.

Any shopping trips to the big smoke planned? You really must meet Vigo girlie with legs up to her ears like a supermodel and a very sweet face to match.

lots of love from,
Hamish and the boys x

redgirls-in-scotland said...

dear little vigo aww thanks - usually redgirls feel slightly queasy about the show brag bit but the occasion seemed too good to miss to talk about other *important* things too. ;) ha ha We are loving your blog btw little fishy swinger that you are.

Well Hamish (tho we think your dad helped you cos we know your spelling aint THAT good)hey that was just the loveliest sweetest post. Our mum is very old indeed so she really appreciated being included in the gorgeous category. Bless. Hrmmm. Yes we will all have to think about how to meet up again. Taxi! London Fields! £350! Blimey. XXX

Gennasus said...

Well done the viz group! And well done to BOTH of you! 3rd in such a big class is not to be sneezed at and definitely deserved a photo opportunity! Looking lovely in yours Mz Hat.

Andrew Campbell said...

ladies! hitting the runway with style! bravo...

I second the formation of a 'Haggis Class'... maybe there's a way we can figure out how to do this? live video feed? a panel of international judges?

And Albert is a handsome fellow.


Delilah and Rocket said...

Oh you girls need to get into a Hagis Hunt! that would be just fab.

Excellent on the ribbons! Kudos to you both.

Dexter said...

Mz Bert... Uncle Dexter is very proud! I have been hearing Mum commenting rather too often on Ditto's family achievements at Crufts, now I can hold my head high knowing my family lines were also represented and in the ribbons!

redgirls-in-scotland said...

oh haha our stateside pals - Mz Brisztow, Rocket, Delilah, Momo, Jozsi -we are loving the way you US people step up to a "competition" Yes we see it now. Drum rolls. Crufts Main Ring. HAGGIS fetching. Spotlights. Mood music. Enter THE REDGIRLS. Winners for sure.
But. Has anyone been to

Our favourite new blog since - well ever really.

Jana the vizsla lives WAY up north! In the midst of the last known population of haggis vulgaris.

Bugger. Just when we thought we had it in the bag!

(not happy) redgirls :>(

Charlie said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE how late I am to congratulate you! Crufts? Rosettes? WOW! Very very impressive Redgirls. If i'd known you were such stars I would have got your autographs when we met :-)

Diesel said...
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Diesel said...
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Diesel said...

Hello Ladies,

all this talk of fetching haggises (or is it haggi? One should have paid more attention in Latin classes.) is most distressing.

As vizslak,we have a duty to provide employment for the lower orders.
One should never fetch one's own haggis.
One should have ones retreiver fetch one's haggis for one.
They are not much use for anything else after all.

Just think of the consequences if we fail in our patrician duty.
With nothing better to do,they will spend all day hanging around in parks eating dog biscuits and harrassing defenceless pitbulls.
Before long,the parks will be no go zones full of fat Labrador dogs in Burberry collars and their retreiver bitches who think it is fashionable to wear gold.

This fetching business is the beginning of a slippery slope,mark my words.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

Diesel. Darling Diesel. You are back. We have just been to your blog.We are so excited.Where have you been? Prison or hospital we think. Somewhere remedial anyway where you were force fed a diet of day time television and Jeremy Kyle. And only got the Daily Telegraph to read.Yep that will be why our favourite naughty boy has come over all so law abiding. Reactionary even. You are right of course about leaving the retrieving to the lower orders. We will try. We really will. Oh dear. It will be very hard. But noblesse oblige n'est ce pas? We are glad you are back! (but who will be our ruff stuff now)yours and feeling middle-aged - the redgirls XXX