Friday, April 24, 2009

Where do we go from here?

Where DO we go from here? (all suggestions welcome)


Diesel said...

Hello Ladies,

you could try Norway.
I looked at a map and it looks like it is just a short swim from Scotland.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

Norway? NORWAY? Nope. What is good about Norway? We do not want to go to Norway (we are hoping for some more enticing options closer to home)

Diesel...thanks as always for your creative suggestions. XXX

Dennis the Vizsla said...

If you are looking for toy boys, southern California is probably a good spot -- in fact we've got two of them (red ones) right here! ;-)

Hamish said...

"Hansdome City gent with celtic connections seeks good looking female ginger partner(s) for hunting, wrestling and general mooching on soft furnishings. Comes with many valuable assets including a large box of toys and batchelor pad in sought after area, within close proximity to good shopping and open ground."

RSVP: Hamish-in-Hackney

Come on girls he is a boy and he has lots of really good toys AND he is part Scottish part foreign,

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Dearest Dennis - yes we do indeed wonder whether California might be our best bet. For lots of reasons.Ah watch this space (yes really. Really)

Dearest Hamish - we have looked at your CV. Well. The handsome word alone did it. YES! And then valuable. And then gent. Well yes yes yes yes yes.SHOPS!MOOCHING! (mmmm...)

oh But hang on a minute ... are you not already married? to ruby? and maybe Vigo too? oh well sod that - too late now for niceties. Will you be coming to collect us in your private helicopter (city gent that you are) Oh we are so excited. (ps do you have any other ahemm "young" friends - 2 redgirls after all) oooh can't wait. See you soon.XXXX

Rufus said...

Hello Redgirls,

It would be great if you could come to my birthday party in your boyfriend's new helicopter although I am a bit jealous that it is the darling Hamish. I could offer you a speedboat and a life of sun and sauciness near the sea. Brighton's a bit like San Francisco and I can wuff in an american accent?


redgirls-in-scotland said...

Darling Rufus - yes you are definitely in the right age group. And SUN??? oh gulp! But the best word of all was saucy - oh squeak ahemm that does sound-well- very attractive indeed we have to say. And to be honest Hamish has not yet come to collect us in his helicopter - maybe his wives have found our emails or something? And you said that you wuff a la San Francisco? -well gosh could it come any better. Oh yes you most certainly are the type of toyboy that we are looking for.Well off we go to the Solway to await your yacht.

Excited butt wiggles from the redgirls (never known for fidelity)

Brisztow Jones said...

My best red-girls,

You know where you need to go.

The Big Apple.
Bright Lights. Big City.
The finest shops. Theater. Dancing. Cab Rides. Central Park with dew on the grass...

I hear the pigeons calling.

Brisztow Jones.